Škoda Children's Cycling

Škoda Children's Cycling 7 July 2023

Škoda Children's Cycling offers two different routes.

  • Imatrankoski route 1,4 km (age recommendation under 6 years old)
    • Start time at 16:30
    • Imatrankoski route you can participate also with kick bike

  • RR route 6 km(age recommendation 6-13 years old)
    • Start time at 17:00

Good to know

Wearing a helmet is mandatory, including guardians who cycle with the child.

Departure for a children's route takes place from Imatrankoski Bridge over the Imatra Rapid at 16:30.

At the finish, each child gets a Saimaa Cycle Tour medal. Also water, juice and snacks are served.

Registration and collection of numbers from the event area

Register your child for Škoda Children's Cycling by filling in the registration form below. You can also register for the Škoda Children's Cycling at the event location at Inkerinaukio in Imatrankoski on 7 July 2023. Škoda Children's Cycling registration is opens at 15:00 and it's open until 16:15. 

Numbers can be picked up at the Saimaa Cycle Tour event office in Inkerinaukio, where they will be given to the child's name. Please arrive earlier enough at the venue!

Online-registration to children's cycling has closed. You can still register at the event expo area.