Saimaa Cycle Tour event rules

General Rules

  • By paying the participation fee, you agree to follow the rules of the Saimaa Cycle Tour
  • On the longest route, participants must be at least 18 years old during the year of the event
  • Finnish law prohibits littering. Do not throw any debris into nature along our beautiful route. Take the rubbish with you to the rubbish bins at the nearest service point or to the rubbish areas marked along the route
  • When attending the longest route of Saimaa Cycle Tour, it is recommended to have a rest of at least six (6) hours after reaching the finish line before driving a vehicle
  • Riding in a large group can be dangerous for first-time or inexperienced cyclists
  • Saimaa Cycle Tour recommends that you cycle at your own pace and do not cycle too hard right from the start
  • Cyclists who have not registered for the event cannot cycle with the participants in the event

Traffic Rules

  • The event complies with Finnish road traffic legislation
  • In accordance with Finnish road traffic legislation, front and rear lights must be used during the low light hours from dusk till dawn (during the event from Friday 11:30pm and Saturday 3:30am
  • The event is run on a route open to all traffic, so you are always responsible for being up-to-date on your traffic environment where you are moving forward
  • Ride on the right side of the road and stay in your own lane
  • Also always respect traffic outside of the event. Participation in the event does not give the right to traffic violations. For example, be careful when passing other cyclists
  • Saimaa Cycle Tour recommends that cyclists ride in a single line during the event to avoid inconveniencing other road users.
  • Always respect and follow the traffic rules as well as the instructions given by the organizer, such as the organizer's markings on the route
  • Pay special attention to intersection areas, as despite of hundreds of traffic controllers, there are small intersections on the route where there is no traffic control
  • Always remember to keep a safe distance when passing other cyclist or cyclist groups

Bicycle Rules

  • Only bicycles with two wheels are allowed on the Saimaa Cycle Tour
  • Special bicycles, eg recumbent bikes, are not permitted. Exemption may be granted for health reasons; in order to be eligible, participation requires a medical opinion that participation on an ordinary bicycle is not possible. Please contact the organizer before registering.
  • Max. two-person tandem bicycles are allowed. Both cyclists must register for the event separately

Bicycle Accessory Rules

  • The ends of the handlebar must be plugged
  • The use of triathlon, time trial or another non-standard handle bar is not permitted
  • Disc wheels are not allowed
  • High-profile wheels has no restrictions

Cyclist Rules

  • Each participant rides the event at their own risk and with their own insurance (it is also a good idea to check the insurance coverage of your bicycle with your insurance company)
  • The use of a helmet is mandatory (your helmet must meet the requirements of the EU EN 1078 standard)
  • During the event, the entry number must be affixed with the instructions given by Saimaa Cycle Tour
  • Be sure to fill in the ICE information on the back of the largest entry number as instructed by Saimaa Cycle Tour
  • The chip number must be affixed to your bike. Please remove all other chip numbers from your bike
  • Using the phone while cycling is not permitted (if you need to use your phone, stop and move to the side of the road).
  • The use of radios or headphones while driving is prohibited
  • If you need to stop, go with your bike to the side of the road to avoid endangering other cyclists, vehicles, or yourself

Other Rules

  • Private cars or your own service cars are not allowed on the route during the event
  • Receiving any kind of service from a moving car is not allowed
  • Do not photograph accident events and do not share any information on social media to respect those involved in the accident