Terms of registration

Saimaa Cycle Tour is a cycling event organized by SCT Events Oy, the event start and finish are located in the City of Imatra.
  • Registration for the event is binding. The registration fee will not be refunded if you do not attend the event
  • Registration can be tranferred free of charge to the following year, against a medical certificate
  • Registration is personal, the event cannot be attended by another person
  • The participant participates in the event at his own risk
  • The Saimaa Cycle Tour will not reimburse you for any items lost or damaged during the event.
  • The right to participate can be resold. An office fee of € 20 will be charged for changing a participant.
  • Arrange reserves the right to change event schedules and content or event related programs

Event cancellation and force majeure

  • If the event is canceled due to force majeure, the organizers reserve the right to keep 50% of the participation fee.
    • For the sake of clarity, the continuation of the current Covid-19 pandemic can also be considered as a force majeure event within the meaning of this paragraph.
  • If the Covid-10 pandemic continues, the right to participate can be transferred free of charge to the following year.
    • We do not refund participation fees paid with sport benefits, in which case only a tranfer to the following year is possible.

Cancellation of registration

  • Once the participation fee has been paid and confirmed, the participation is legally binding and you are not entitled to any refund from the Saimaa Cycle Tour.
  • In case of illness, the right to participate can be transferred free of charge to the following year against a medical certificate.