Transfer protection

Transfer protection

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With the transfer protection you can transfer your participation to the next year's Saimaa Cycle Tour without any reason. The transfer protection is only valid if it is purchased at the time of registration.

By purchasing a transfer protection, you can make changes before the event to which the transfer applies:

  • Postpone your participation to the following year's event without any reason
  • Transfer your participation to another person free of charge


Participation transfers can be made within the free starting slots as follows:

  • With a medical certificate, transfer to the following year's event free of charge
  • Transfer to another person with a transfer fee of 20 €
    • Transfer notification by e-mail to
    • The transfer fee can be paid either by the original participant or by the new participant.

Saimaa Cycle Tour registration is binding and the participation fee will not be refunded in case of transfer or cancellation, even with a medical certificate.