8-9 July 2022

Saimaa Cycle Tour 2022

In 2022 Saimaa Cycle Tour will head to a new 290 km long route around the Lake Saimaa. Now is the time to start planning your greatest cycling experience of Summer 2022.

Register at a discount price of 130 € (normal price 150 €) until 9 January 2022.

Saimaa Cycle Tour, July 8-9 2022, Imatra (Finland)

Saimaa Cycle Tour takes place in the middle of some of the most beautiful lake landscapes in the world, and at the event you can enjoy the magical light of the nightless night of Midsummer. Saimaa Cycle Tour is not a competition but is open to cycling enthusiasts of all levels who want to challenge themselves for this unique cycling experience. The entire route is driven along an asphalt road, and there are several drink and snack points along the route, as well as warm meals.

Saimaa Cycle Tour 2022 (the 290 km route)

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Saimaa Cycle Tour 2022 route

The Saimaa Cycle Tour route departs and returns from Imatra. The whole Saimaa Cycle Tour route runs over asphalted roads through one of the most beautiful lake areas in the world. In 2022 we go West and you will experience a different type of Saimaa. The highlights of this new route are the amazing roads which pass through the lake connecting the islands of the Saimaa Archipelago.

The Saimaa Cycle Tour routes have been designed by three-time Elite road cycling Finnish Champion Juho Suikkari. All the routes are based on his former training routes.

Saimaa Cycle Tour 290 km

Saimaa Cycle Tour 2022 main route's preliminary length is approximately 290 kilometers. The route departure from and finish to City of Imatra. The route start at Imatra rapids and it runs through several cities and beautiful lake landscapes, including Lappeenranta,Taipalasaari and Puumala areas where lakes will surround you on both sides of the road. Along the route there are several service points which offer water, coffee, nutrition, first aid, massage and bike service. Warm food is also available every 100 kilometers.

Service points:

  • 46 km Lappeenrannan satama / Hiekkalinna
  • 88 km Savitaipale
  • 117 km Suomenniemi (food service)
  • 158 km Mikkeli / Kirkonvarkaus
  • 186 km Väätämönsalmi
  • 217 km Puumala / Sahanlahti (food service)
  • 243 km Puumala / Vanha Lääninraja
  • 275 ​​km Ruokolahti - Church Hill
  • 290 km Finnish - Imatra City Hall (food service)

Fast Stop Service points for pre-registered groups will be announced later.

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