Group registration for 300 km route

Group registration for 300 km route

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Group registration is for groups who want to secure their starting time for the Saimaa Cycle Tour 300 km route. The minimum group size is 10 people and the maximum group size is 50 people.

  • 10 - 19 cyclists in a group then the group booking fee is 150 € + the applicable registration fee per cyclist.
  • 20 to 50 cyclists in a group, the group booking fee is €250 + the applicable registration fee per cyclist.


1. Choose a starting time for your group and pay the group registration fee

  • Choose your preferred starting time
  • Select the group size
    • The price of the group registration depends on the size of the group.
    • The group registration fee is non-refundable if the group cancels or the group size is reduced before the event
  • Pay the group registration fee by the payment method of your choice

2. The group will be provided with a group ID

  • A group code will be sent to the group registrant
  • The group registrant asks the group members to add the group code to their profile under club or team

3. Group members make the registration

  • Group members register using the product Registration for group members and pay the registration fee valid at that time
  • Based on the group code, the group member is added to a specific starting group

Please note that if the group size is less than 50 cyclists, other groups or individual cyclists may also start at the same departure time.