Event information


Thursday, 8 July 2021

  • 4 pm - Registration and event information points will open

Friday, 9 July 2021

  • 7 pm - Cyclists will start in groups of 50 persons. Groups will start with two-minute intervals.

Saturday, 10 July 2021

  • The fastest groups will arrive at Imatra in the early hours of Saturday morning
  • The slowest cyclists will have time to complete the route until Saturday night


Saimaa Cycle Tour 285 km Price
Registration fee until 27 June 2021 150 €
Registration fee after 28 June 2021 170 €

The registration fee includes:

  • Beverages and snacks at service points
  • Food at two service points and at the finish
  • Participation bibs
  • Timing chip and timing service
  • Medal or other memorabilia for those who finish the route
  • Electronic printable diploma
  • First-aid services
  • Massage services
  • Bike service (spare parts to be paid separately)
  • Transportation to the finish line for those who DNF (did not finish)
  • Shower and changing rooms
  • Guarded storage service for your personal items during the event

Payment methods:

  • Credit and debit cards: Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Debit MasterCard, American Express and Discover
  • Finnish bank payments: OP, S-Pankki, Aktia, OmaSp, POP Pankki, Ålandsbanken, Handelsbanken, Nordea, Danske Bank
  • Finnish sport benefits: Smartum, Edenred, ePassi, Eazybreak, Tyky


Saimaa Cycle Tour reserves the right to use photos (and videos) of the participants taken during the event to market the event. If the participant wants his/her image not to be used in advertising, he/she is asked to contact Saimaa Cycle Tour immediately after the event.

When using clear facial images, we try to find out the identity of the participant in the image and contact him/her before using the image.


We recommend booking accommodation well in advance.

Accommodation offered by Saimaa Cycle Tour partners:

  • Imatran Kylpylä offers accommodation in a hotel and quality rental cottages.
    • You can book accommodation by calling the Imatra Kylpylä sales service at +358 300 870 502 or by email: myynti@imatrankylpyla.fi
    • www.imatrankylpyla.fi
  • Vuoksi Fishing Park offers accommodation in a camping area near the event area.
    • There are places for motorhomes, caravans and tents, and also a few small cottages can be booked.
    • You can book accommodation at vuoksi.kalastuspuisto@co.inet.fi or by phone +358 40 556 0121
    • www.vuoksenkalastuspuisto.fi

Tourist information or ideas for accommodation can also be found at www.gosaimaa.com. You can also search for accommodation through various booking services (eg Bookings.com or AirBnB).


Dressing rooms and showers can be found at Imatra Swimming Pool (Uimahalli) and Sports Hall (Urheilutalo), Kotipolku 2, Imatra (event area map coming later). The changing rooms and showers are open before the event on Friday 9 July from 4 pm and will close on Saturday 10 July at 7 pm.


A guarded luggage storage point can be found at Imatra Sports Hall at Kotipolku 2, Imatra. The luggage storage point opens on Friday 9 July 2021 at 4 pm and closes on Saturday 10 July 2021 at 7 pm.

All luggage etc. left in storage must be marked with the owner’s name or participation number and the goods will only be handed over against an identity card or the own participation number.


Guarded bike storage points can be found in two locations:

  • Imatran Sports Hall at Kotipolku 2, Imatra. Bike storage is open from Friday 9 July at 2 pm and closes on Saturday 10 July at 7 pm.
  • Imatra City Hall at Virastokatu 2, Imatra. Bike storage is open on Thursday 8 July from 4 pm to 9 pm. On Friday 9 July the bike storage will open at 9 am and close on Saturday 10 July at 7 pm.

The bike coming to the storage must have the participant's name and/or participation number. The bikes with the name are handed over, for example, against the driving license and the bikes marked with the participation number are handed over against the participation number.


The Saimaa Cycle Tour event is run mainly among normal road traffic and on the route the traffic rules have to be observed. Other traffic is warned and directed at larger intersection areas and especially at places identified as pre-hazardous, eg at road crossings. For safety reasons, parts of the route will be converted to one-way during the event. Other traffic is excluded from the start and finish areas.


Hot and cold drinks are available at all service points along the route. Only cold drinks are available at Fast Stop service points. You can also fill your own bike bottles with Enervit sports drink or water at the service points.

  • Blueberry soup, Enervit sports drink, juice, water, coffee and tea are available at all eight service points. Bananas are also available at five service points.
  • •Only Enervit sports drink and water are available at Fast Stop service points.
    • For these points, groups can also implement their own service point.
  • Hot food, bread and butter are served at the Sulkava (104 km) and Punkaharju (184 km) service points. Punkaharju also serves porridge.
    • Vegetarian and gluten-free options are available for food, but you may have to wait a while.
  • The point at the finish serves smoked salmon pasta salad, non-alcoholic beer or water.
    • A vegetarian and gluten-free option is also available.
    • You must have a Saimaa Cycle Tour number to get food.


At all service points in the event and in the event area at Imatra City Hall at Virastotie 2, Imatra, there is trained Finnish Red Cross first-aid staff to assist throughout the event. They can help with minor injuries or treatments that require first aid. More demanding treatment procedures are handled by on-call hospitals or health centres along the route.

Saimaa Cycle Tour does not offer any medicines. If you need any kind of medication, then we recommend that you bring it with you.


If you get muscle cramps, neck or shoulder aches, etc. while cycling, then a trained masseur can help you. You can get a short massage that focuses on that acute problem area. Massage is free and is offered by Saimaa Cycle Tour in cooperation with Rela-Hierojat (www.relahierojat.fi).

  • After the 104 km service point in Sulkava, all service points offer the opportunity to get a massage for an acute problem area.
  • At the finish, it is possible to get a short 10-15-minute massage, for example on the legs, back or neck-shoulder area, free of charge.

Please note that at service points and especially after the finish, the massage may have to be queued for for a long time.


The maximum completion time of the Saimaa Cycle Tour 285 km route is 18 hours, which means an average speed of approx. 16 km/h with stops. The Sulkava service point (at about 104 km] closes about 6.5 hours after the last departure and the Punkaharju service point (at about 184 km) closes about 12 hours after the last departure. If you have not passed these service points within the time limits, the event, sad to say, ends for you at one of these service points and you will be provided with transportation to the finish area of the event.


Finnish law prohibits littering. Do not throw any debris into nature along our beautiful route. Take the rubbish with you to the rubbish bins at the nearest service point or to the marked rubbish areas along the route.

If the Saimaa Cycle Tour organization receives information about littering by a cyclist, this will result in the cancellation of the entire performance and the denial of the right to participate the following year. In this case, the organizer is unequivocally absolute and there is zero tolerance for litter at the event.

Thank you for helping us to keep Finland's nature clean.


Before the event

We wish that you will come to the event with a pre-maintained bike in good condition.

However, if you need help before the event, you will find Saimaa Cycle Tour partners' bike service points in the event area. These service points can help you maintain your bike. If you need maintenance for your bike, get there in time.

Bike maintenance work is free, but the necessary spare parts must be paid to Saimaa Cycle Tour or its partners.

During the event

There is also a bike service tent at all service points of the event, where you can get help with the most common technical problems. In addition, there are Saimaa Cycle Tour service cars on the route, which will help participants if necessary.

Maintenance work from service points or a car is also free, but the necessary spare parts must be paid to the event organizer or partners.

What do I do if I have a technical problem with my bike?

In the event of a technical problem, the first task of each participant is to prevent further damage and the primary aim is to repair the technical problems on your own or with the assistance of another cyclist.

  • In the event of a technical problem, report it to the other cyclists and go immediately to the right side of the road.
  • Do not panic or get nervous but check the necessary maintenance measures.
  • If this is a maintenance procedure that you know how to do yourself and you have the necessary accessories and tools, carry out the maintenance in peace.
  • If you are unable or unable to perform the necessary maintenance, you will have to wait for the organizer's service car moving on the route, which can help you with the most common maintenance procedures.
    • The service is free, but any spare parts or major accessories must be paid for to the event organizer or its partner.
    • Please note that you may have to wait for the service car.
    • Position yourself so that you are visible and when the service car is approaching, raise your hand clearly to indicate you need service assistance.
  • If maintenance cannot be performed on the roadside, a service vehicle can transport you and your bike to the nearest service centre.


When there is a crash or other situation that could result in personal injury, the first task of any cyclist is to prevent further injury.

The organizer has a first-aid manager who can be reached by phone. It is through him that the necessary first aid is directed to the site.

  • As stipulated in the Finnish Road Traffic legislation, everyone is obliged to help in the event of a traffic accident. Please always help in a crash situation.
  • Do not panic or get nervous, but check the condition of the injured.
  • Go immediately to the right side of the road, to the shoulder area, if moving is not a problem.
  • If there is a surface scar, asphalt rash or other damage, and you are able to continue cycling, you can get first aid at the nearest service centre. All service points have a first-aid tent.
  • If an injury requires first aid along the route, you can contact the organizer's first aid by phone.
    • Contact person and contact information will be provided later
    • Report whether there has been an accident or illness.
    • Provide your own name and contact information, as well as the most accurate location possible.
    • Answer any questions and wait for further instructions. Do not close the phone until you have been given permission.
    • Direct the organizer's first-aid unit to the scene.

If the person involved in the crash does not respond to speech, does not breathe, or a heart malfunction is suspected or a more serious injury is suspected, then contact the emergency centre immediately.

  • Phone number: 112
  • Report whether an accident or illness has occurred.
  • Provide your own name and contact information as well as the exact location possible.
  • Answer any questions and wait for further instructions. Do not close the phone until you have been given permission.
  • Direct the first-aid unit sent by the emergency center to the scene.

DNF (did not finish)

The Saimaa Cycle Tour hopes that all participants will be able to cycle along the route from start to finish. However, if it happens that the trip is interrupted for one or other reason, proceed as follows:

  • If possible, stop cycling at a service point and notify service point personnel.
  • If you have to stop cycling in between service points, wait for a service car that can transport you to the nearest service point.
  • Be sure to notify the organizers of the interruption in all cases.
  • If you do not need the transport of the organizers, then be sure to let the organizers know.

Transportation in case of DNF

The organizers have foreseen in a free transfer for all interrupters to the finish area in Imatra at Virastotie 2 (finish area).

  • The interrupters will be picked up at a service point of the event.
  • Please note that you may have to wait longer for transportation.

The bikes of DNF cyclists are also transported to the finish area free of charge.

  • Bikes can be transported at different times than the cyclists.
  • The bikes of the interrupters will be transported to Imatra to a guarded bike storage at the finish area of the event, where the bike can be picked up with your own participation number.
Attention! Saimaa Cycle Tour does not take any responsibility and does not pay any compensation for bikess damaged during transport. The bicycles are intended to be protected during transport as well as possible to avoid possible damage.


You can inquire about lost items during the event on the Saimaa Cycle Tour at the event office at Imatra City Hall or at the luggage storage in the Imatra Sports Hall. You can inquire about items lost after the event at info@saimaacycletour.com or at a telephone number to be provided later.


Registration has no right of cancellation. With a medical certificate, registration can be carried forward free of charge to the following year. Registration can be transferred to another person for a service fee of 20 €.


If cycling has to be cancelled due to weather conditions or other obstacles beyond the control of the organizers, the right to participate in the event will be automatically transferred to the following year. If the participant does not wish to carry over the right to participate to the following year, the organizer reserves the right to withhold a maximum of 50% of the participation fees to cover for the costs already incurred.

For the sake of clarity, the continuation of the current Covid-19 pandemic can also be considered a surprising obstacle within the meaning of this paragraph. We do not refund participation fees paid for with various employee benefits, in which case only a carry-over to the following year is possible.


The Covid-19 pandemic can cause changes in the realization of the event or prevent the entire event from being organized. As this is an outdoor event and there is no mass departure for the route, we are able to prepare for the situation in many different ways. The method of implementation is affected by the current guidelines of the authorities.

If the Covid-19 situation prevents the event from being organized, then all registrations will be carried forward free of charge to the following year.