The group pre-registration is for clubs, teams or companies with more than 10 persons. Pre-registration does not bind the group to participate in the event – participation and the number of participants will be confirmed later.

Fill in the pre-registration form below and we will be in touch with the contact person of the group. The group can pay for participation against invoice or we can send each member of the group a personal payment link by email.

We can tailor the event to larger and faster teams as follows:

  • A custom departure time for groups of more than 20 people
  • For groups whose average speed target is over 35 km/h
    • we do our best to organise an open road
    • 1-2 additional quick-stop service points along the route*
    • enable the use of group's own service vehicle*

* details coming later

Group pricing

Group size Price / participant
10-19 participants 140 €
20-29 participants 130 €
More than 30 participants 120 €


10 - 19 participants
20 - 29 participants
More than 30 participants

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