Saimaa Cycle Tour Children's Cycling

Children's cycling is on Friday July 9, the day of departure of Saimaa Cycle Tour. Children drive a 3,5 km route from Imatra Rapids to Imatra City Hall. The kids will gather at Inkerinaukio (next to Imatra Rapids) from which they can pick up a participant number against the child's name. Departure for a children's route takes place from Imatrankoski Bridge over the Imatra Rapid at 16:30.

Children's cycling is an open and free event for all children under 13 years of age. Guardians can drive either with children or go to the finish to meet the children. Wearing a helmet is mandatory, including guardians who cycle with the child.

The route has a service point where you can find snacks, water and juice. At the finish, there's also water, juice and swee bread available. Each child gets a Saimaa Cycle Tour medal and a tail light for their bike. , 

After cycling, the children's event yard offers more activities for the kids.


15:00 - 16:15 Enrollment at Inkerinaukio in Imatrankoski
16:30 -> Children's Cycling 3.5km Imatrankoski Bridge - Imatra City Hall
16:45 - 18:30 Children's Event at Imatra City Hall / Imatra Cultural Center

Regioster your child to children's cycling