Cycling adventure in the Mikkeli region

Elämyspyöräilyä Mikkelin seudulla
The sun is shining, pack a sandwich and get on your bike - this is the start of a relaxed bike ride along the small roads, fields and hills of Mikkeli or Ristiina. There's plenty to see and do along the way. In this article you will find some ideas for a relaxed and different bike ride in Mikkeli and Ristiina, or in between.

In Mikkeli and Ristiina, you can also take part in group cycling trips organised by local associations. Group rides are a great way to see the local sights. The tours are open to everyone. Links to the associations' websites can be found at the end of this article. 

A family cycling day in Saimaa Central Park, right in the centre of Mikkeli

In Mikkeli, a nice family cycling day can be spent in the countryside near the city centre, exploring the sights along the route. Start at Kenkävero, just 1.4 km from Mikkeli Market. You can enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch at Kenkävero or the adjacent Mikkel Park restaurant. Kenkävero's lush green gardens and Mikkelipuisto's artful plantings are worth enjoying for a little longer in the summer. Next door, Kaihu's magnificent ridge nature and the Saimaa shore with its excellent swimming beach and a hut for rent.