Why You Should Prioritize Recovery

Why You Should Prioritize Recovery

Recovery is key to optimize performance, no matter if it’s for your most important race or if you are sore from sitting in front of the computer. Many athletes around the world use recovery routines to ensure they can perform their best every day. Except for performance benefits, recovery also gives the body space for so-called anabolic processes, where the energy depots are replenished, and the body’s system is built up again.

Cycling is one of the sports that often consists of very high training and racing volumes. Therefore, it is important to include a recovery routine after your sessions. There are several ways to recover, such as good sleep, healthy foods, mental training and slower physical activities such as running, massage etc. Hyperice is the industry leader in recovery technology and pioneering of percussion, vibration, dynamic air compression and thermal technology, and offers products that are helpful for your recovery. These types of products are being used by most elite athletes today but can also be used by the regular sports person too. Imagine coming home after a long ride and sit down with a powerful Hypervolt or a pair of Normatech legs. We already know that massage is good for us, and this is close to the same thing but at home. Hyperice products help the muscles relax, increase blood circulation, and speed up the recovery process.

In addition to being part of a recovery routine, Hyperice products can help with warm-up and through a good warm up, the blood circulation increases, and the nerve impulses can reach the muscles faster, which improves your performance. Without warm-up, it is much easier to pull a hamstring or twist a cruciate ligament.

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